A Statistic study of the businesses of Xylokastro based on lists

The results of the research

We worked out the more recent data, that we took from the Commercial Club of Xylokastro. They report all the businesses of our municipality except hotels, technical  and lawyer's offices, surgeries, private schools and " frondistiria".

We collected the data of hotels from the club of the hotel owners and the data of the private schools and frondistiria from the Office of Secondary Education. We didn't include surgeries, technical offices and lawyer's offices in our research. We didn't also study the agricultural businesses, which were included in the Primary Sector. We have written only about one greenhouse, which is a personal business and belongs to a man. In the Secondary Sector we have businesses of structures and remaking. We have patisseries and bakeries 32% of the whole code ΣΤ ( Structures)  and businesses for buildings structure 16%. of the same code. ( table 2- graph 2). The most owners are men. In the remaking, we have the most businesses ( 28%) as electric and ironworks (15%) of the whole code Δ. The owners are men at most ( table 1-graph 1). The most businesses of Xylokastro are included in the Tertiary Sector ( table10-graph 10) and especially: Trade - Repairs ( 48%) of the whole Tertiary Sector and then tourism ( hotels - bars - restaurants - cafeterias and coffee houses) 21% of the same sector. In this sector the businesses women are the 60%. ( table 4- graph 4). The owners of the refreshment rooms are only women. The third place in this Sector has the Education (table 7-graph 7). The most trade-businesses sale clothes, underwear and child clothes. They are twenty seven shops. The women owners in these shops are in the number twice as men are. ( table 3-graph 3). The women owners of the gift shops, jewelries, fish-shops, cattle feed shops are more than men. 

In the code of Health  there are a lot of hair dressers' salons, which have women, as owners, at most.( table 8 -graph 8). We have also a lot of account offices ( table 9 - graph 9).

For the code Κ  ( Real Estate etc) there is the table 6 - graph 6 and for the code Θ ( Transport - Logistics - Communication) (table 5 - graph 5).

Altogether per sector and sex we can see the businesses on table 12 - graph 12.

According to the legal form the most businesses are personal.

The most businesses are small and family. There are few businesses which employ twenty to forty persons. We can also see some innovative businesses being created. We call "innovative' the businesses that sale original kinds of products e.g. show's organization, child places, handling of apartments.

Graphs were made by Antigoni Skiada

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