Questionnaires which were used for this research

1. Questions used for the interviews about the businesses


  1. Who is the owner of the business?

  2. Why he/she decided to create the business?

  3. What is the kind of  the business( an individual or a family business etc)?

  4. How he/she found the incomes and the capitals for the business?

  5. Who planed the business and who helped at the beginning?

  6. Has the owner studied to work this business or, he works by instinct?

  7. Has  he/she inherited this business from his/her parents?

  8. How does he/she develop and keep the business?

  9. Does he/she use New Technology while working?

  10. How many people work in the business?

  11. What the kind of job that women do and what is the percent of them in the business?

  12. Do the employees enjoy their job?

  13. Do the owners like their job?

  14. What is the innovator that the businessman/woman haw made during the last two years?

  15. Does he/she entered him/herself in any professional club?

  16. Does he /she foresee any hazard for the business general in the future?

  17. How does culture ( customs, habits) of our areas affect the business?

  18. How many people work in this business?

  19. What is the secret of his/her success?

  20. What are the problems that the businessmen/businesswomen have in their work?

2. Questions for the old businesses

1.      When the business was established, from whom, how did the  founder decide to be involved in this work?

2.      How did exactly occupy himself the  tradesman during that time?

3.      How was the tradesman secured himself and since when  began  the insurance to be in effect?

4.      How was  the customer behaved to the tradesman and the opposite  in  this particular time (if he remembers).

5.      Which kind of difficulties did  the tradesman meet in this old period and how did he face them? 

6.       Did  the owner  make any efforts to evolve his enterprise?

7.      Which kind of tools did they use to use then and which do they  use nowadays in their work?

8.      How, when and why did the enterprise come to the owner of today? Did he want to have this job and this business?

9.  How does the owner feel now and concerning the older time. Is he  thanked?



    3. Questions for Professional Monographs

  A. Elements  which characterize the profession  

1.       Description of the profession

a.         Which is the subject of your work? Is there demanded any specialization in this job?

b.       Is  there necessary any other speciality to work together?

c.         Which kind of responsibilities has anyone in this work?

d.         What other obligations  duties has anyone in this work?

e.         Which kind of  methodology does anyone use in this work? 

 f.         Which kind of  a) tools v) machines c)  materials does the professional use in this work and generally in this professional?

g.         To  whom is the object or the product of your work addressed ?


2.       Conditions and environment of the work

a.     In which type of space does the career  work? (internal  exterior - with good lighting  clean air - noise etc)?

b.     Which is the schedule of this work (constant  current etc). Do there exist overtimes? If yes, is the wage extra? 

c.     Which kind of  problems are there  faced in this work and generally in the work?

d.     Are used in this work New Technologies e.g. PC? What for, do you believe, that it would help?

e.    Is there any communication with other professionals on the same or different object in order to take place any more practice?

f.     During this employment is there any communication with other people generally?

g.     Is this a dangerous work?

h.   Is locomotion  expected  in this job?


B. Conditions for the exercise of profession


1.          Particular characteristics and faculties - interests

a.                     Which kind of  personal interests does anyone  have to have to do this job?

b.                       Which kind of  particular abilities (intuitional-intellectual  artistic - mechanic - kinetic - physical) are demanded of  this work (intellectual means calculations, good expression in oral and written speech, perception of space etc.)

c.                          Which kind of particular skilful nesses is required  by this sort of work? (Dexterities of: communication, organization and management of time, decision-making, acceptance of innovation, flexibility, search and use of information, collaboration, adaptability, self presentation etc)

d.                       Does any limit of age of entry in the particular profession exist?

e.                        Is also required any general education  culture and long life education?

f. Are bodily and intellectual  resistances  and generally good health required?


2.          Educational and other formal qualifications

a.         Which type of education is required by this work?

b.         Is the knowledge  of one or more foreign languages useful?

c.         Which kind of other knowledge is required?

d.         Is any training or practice required by anyone in order to  be employed in this work?

e.         Are any licence or certification from some institution required? (professional rights)


 C. What offers the profession to the worker

  1.            Material or  other payment

                           a.  Which is the common monthly payment?

b.  Does  moreover  wage exist? (prim)

c. Does  any other  advantages except the salary from this work exist? (e.g. benefit of car, other benefits, discounts etc.)


2.            Prospects of this work

a.  Is the offer of this work foreseen for the future?

b.  Is  this employment  permanent? Which  is its form?

c.  Can anybody practice this profession as a free professional?

d.  What else can anyone do starting from this profession?

e.  Can anyone use the skilful nesses  that are required for this work  in any other employment?

f.   Does any possibility of promotion or development in this work exist?

g.  Can anybody practice this profession in the city where he  wants to live?

h.  Which  is expected to be the future of this employment?

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