Communication specialist – Advertiser



1. Description of profession

The particular profession (communication specialist, advertiser) has the

particularity that it cannot deal with an object only.

In this work, with regard to the benefit of services of communication, publicity and organization of events, the object of occupation is absolutely made dependent on the need of each customer.   When somebody deals with the publicity – communication he offers benefit of services. Instant of these someone cannot make anything in this space in order to be materialized an advertising campaign. An advertising company can have 20 advertisers and every one to have a different object. 

“Publicity is the briefing - information to the wide public for a product or service” The spectrum of all the energies that a product/service needs to do, so that to achieve its objectives.

What aims someone with the communication

a)  Briefing of public for a product or service               = Brand Awareness

b)  Creative of prestige of brand / service        = Brand Image

     c) Preference against the competition               = Brand Preference

d)  Prompt for trial      = Trial

e)  Culture of conformity         = Loyalty

f)  Reminder of already known product of/service    = Reminding

Which are the ways of communication?

Means of Mass Briefing (M.M.B)

a)   Magazines

b)   Newspapers

c)   Television

d)   Radio

e)  Out Door (Posters, Shelters of buses, Trolley,     etc.)

f)  Cinema

g)  Internet

Structure of Advertising Company

a.                     Client Service - Service of Customers 

Department of communication between advertising company and advertised customer 

·                        Client Service Director: Person in charge of handling of all accounts that the company allocates.

·                        Account Director:  Responsible   of account  groups. 

·                        Account Manager: Person in charge for the total output one or more accounts.

·                        Account executive: Person in charge for the daily work regarding the service of a concrete account.

b.                     Creative Department of finding "idea". The idea owes to be adapted in the strategy that the advertised follows and which is included in the brief that he gives to the advertising company.

·                        Creative Head:  Person in charge for the quality of creative work that the company produces.

·                        Creative Director:  The inspirer of a creative campaign

·                        Assistant Creative Director: He supervises and directs the efforts of the department.

·                        Copywriter: Person in charge of writing the texts, slogan and the transubstantiation in words of the strategic of the communication.

·                        Art Director: Person in charge for the optical and qualitative presentation of the communication.

c.                     Traffic

·                        It is the department that undertakes to organize and to fulfill all the processes of production of the advertising product.  It is found in narrow contact with the companies of printings, the companies of production of films and radio messages, attending the company to receive from the suppliers the better services and the lower possible cost.

d.                     Production
With the requirement of each work a lot of and different specialties can participate. For instance, someone can think the idea but its concretization  depends  on other professionals.

E.g.: Some customer wants to make a wedding reception in the garden of his house and we propose to him to create a space for dance. In this case we will direct to a carpenter to manufacture that.

The bigger responsibility that the particular work has, is the coordinative role. It should become very right preparatory work and organization of each object as well as forecast of unexpected predicaments so that to be absolute and formal in the time of delivery.  

It is a work that has to do exclusively with the personal contact with the customer therefore it is supposed that we’ll be absolutely sincere with him. Basic duty and our origin is the consequence.

The right timetable. The concretization of our work depends on a lot of factors, for this it will be planned very well in the timetable.

The tools we use are, computers, printing machines, our hands and our taste.

Our job is addressed to all they have a need of projection. 

With regard to the space, the more time we work in our space (Internal space with very good lighting, clean environment, clean air without noise), but exist also times where we work in the space that the customer wants (e.g. decoration of space of a reception, control of printing-house, presentation of a customer in his space)

Schedule, unfortunately, does not exist. Even if most companies formally have 8hours, practically the hours which someone works are more. In no case however is considered as a very morning work.

Anyone is not remunerated base of overtimes. It is indeed usual the prim of good production. 

Important problem of our work is the inconsistency of suppliers. It is a matter that exposes us to our customers.

Although New Technology isn’t a part of our work, we cannot work without them.

The continuous development and change of so much new tendencies and products of communication and projection compels us to communicate continuously with professionals of our job as well as to be informed continuously through exhibitions or any other means of briefing and information.

Our work is the communication. 

It is not a dangerous work with regard to our bodily integrity. The carelessness however can create accidents.

Locomotion takes place very often, proportionally with the base of the customer as well as his needs.


1. Particular characteristics and faculties - interests

Essential are the imagination and the pleasure of the creation. It is one of the jobs you can see your idea to be materialized. It is a profession that the creativity brings results. We believe that the creativity and the thought beyond the convention bring the difference and that is the cause that you carry away.

We should have a lot of faculties, and if we do not allocate them, we simply do not be able to accomplish easy.

In the particular work is imposed also the possession of many skillfulness. We must manage each work we do, in a different way, because every man isn’t the same. Main skill is to recognize the need of the customer in the minimum time and at the smallest cost.

Limit of entry in the profession doesn’t exist.  In our days however because of the economic problems, there are preferred more the young persons who have appetite for work and with less experience, despite older because the second are more expensive. 

It is required long life education. You have to have always farther education. This work requires from the professional to be a step in front of the customer.

With regard to bodily resistances and others, there are required robust nerves, and good stomach (Resistance, Patience and Insistence). Beyond the fight that you give to gain the customer, you should give also a personal fight to prevail in the space and to be consolidated. This fight sometime is very difficult.

2. Educational and other qualifications

    In order to practice somebody this profession beyond the special knowledge (academic) in the sector of publicity, someone can have studied also something else like as marketing, economically, statistical mathematics and public relations. A lot of different places of work exist that can cover enough sectors of knowledge. However in order to acquisition a place in the department of service of the customers that has also the bigger development, it will be supposed to have a lot of good education with regard to the marketing and the public relations.

The foreigner languages are essential. As more  as somebody can learn  so much best is.

More knowledge which is required is the use of PC and generally the use of New Technologies and graphic design so that to exist a relative agreement with all the suppliers. 

In order to work somebody in this work, usually at the duration of his study, he works as a "cadet" in some company, in order to take an idea as well as acquaintances. A good CV is an essential factor to find a work for this particular work.

It does not need authorization of exercise of profession for this work.


1. Material or other wage

    The wage is depended on the place. In our country today most minimum in the level worker takes around 1.000,00 € – 1.500,00 € (except he is an employee in enterprise. Therefore depends also on the size of enterprise). In general lines the advertising employee is one from the good paid employees.

Usually there exist also prim of productivity or annually bonus, so that a motive of more and more effective work to be given.

Depending on the enterprise that someone works can have also other advantages.

2. Prospects of employment

   The sector finds itself in a transient stage of change of structures.

Without reference to the real economic crisis, the requirements and the needs of communication have changed radically and our place isn’t satiated with this work. With regard to the permanence, someone can remain in this space but no permanently in the same company, if he wants to have a development.

If someone wants to do this job as a free professional, he can do that but he needs a lot of money, big experience, very good workforce and ensured initial clientele.

Somebody can also work in a Media if he has an experience.

Generally for this profession is very difficult to have a good future in a small city where the advertising market is not sufficient. 

With regard to in the future of this profession, it appears to be enough auspicious if the activities are not static and develop accordingly always with the advertising needs and if are continuously devised new tendencies of communication. 


The interview took  Antigoni Skiada and Anastasia Skandali




A.  Elements that characterize the profession

 1.  Description of profession

 In this work they place the electric installation in the buildings. The responsibilities that has some electrician are the big attention for the life of persons and the obligations  – duties that he has after he finishes his work. He has to leave the space clean. This work   is separated in 3 stages:1) After the building has been built he has to  pass  the pipes. 2) After the building is plastered, the electrician passes the cables and 3) when   the building has been painted the   sockets, the switches and the electric table have be placed. The types of tools, machines and materials that someone uses in this work are   various.   They are pliers, screwdrivers and drills e.g.  Someone who needs an electric installation or his installation is damaged must look for an electrician.

2.  Conditions and environment of work


Doing someone this work, has to go to any place, but most electricians try to have their workplace, the best space for them. The schedule is rolled. There are overtimes and the wage,   for the overtimes, is extra. Usually the most frequent problem that an electrician has is about the difficulty with his payment. In this profession they use new technologies as the PC, because somebody makes electric drawings with that. The professionals also communicate each other when it is necessary and they come daily in contact with a lot of world. The work of electrician is dangerous enough, because he is in danger of electrocution. During the work, take place a lot of removals. Usually in this   profession does not exist limit of age. Apart from those they cannot work any more. 

 B. Presuppositions  for the practice of profession

1. Particular characteristics and faculties - interests

If someone wants to do this work, he ought to love this job it, to like to repair electric appliances, to be able to study electrical drawings, to be skilful in the hands and in the finger, to be methodical, to be person in charge, to have a good sight and good bodily and mental health. 

 2. Educational and other formal qualifications

 The education that is required  for  this work is three-year study  in Technical Professional Lyceum  or as it is today, in Professional Lyceum or Professional Faculty and biennial practical exercise near an experienced electrician and then to take examinations to take the authorization of doing the profession of electrician.  Also study in Faculties of Apprenticeship of TEE ( Technology- Professional School ) and Faculties of continuing training of ORGANIZATION FOR THE OCCUPATION OF THE WORK FORCE.  For this profession aren’t necessary the foreign languages but they are useful.  Very important is also the empiric knowledge. 


C. What offers the profession to the professional

1.  Material or other recompenses

The monthly wage is roughly 1000 € but there are extra wages. 

2.  Prospects of work

The electrician believe that the future  will be favorable for his professional, because the object of their job is a very necessary one. Their employment is permanent ant every one who wants to be a free professional, can do that. There are also other streets that someone can follow with starting line this profession. There is par example, the profession of an electrician of cars or electrician of lifts. Someone can also use the abilities, he gets in this job, in another job. An electrician can work in any town he wants to live.

Interview from Anastasia Skandali

Translation from Antigoni Skiada




A. Elements that characterize the profession


1.         Description of the  profession.


The object of her work is the teaching of English language. Her work is addressed by children of five years up to adult 50 years old.

Because the work has to be occupied with children the responsibilities are enormous. 

  2.    Conditions and environment of work.

When   some one works in tuition center exists schedule mainly afternoon. For this particular professional it is from 16.30 up to 10.30 and Friday from 14.30 up to 10.30. They do not work overtimes. In his/her work that professional uses New Technologies (e.g. P / C or Video). The reason that they use these in their work is in order to attract notice the children’s attention and the course to become most interesting. From the most important problems that he/she has at the duration of courses are with training difficulties of students. It communicates with other professionals via the seminars and exchanges opinions. 


B. Conditions for the exercise of profession


1.         Particular characteristics and faculties  skills

 For someone to practice  this profession it is necessary to love the children and  teaching, to have patience and good mental health. He should  have decided that he will study constantly and  be trained. Essential is also the knowledge of New Technologies.

          2.         Educational and other qualifications

Is required study in the Third degree Education. A lot of seminars and trainings are required too. Exist also Postgraduate Programs of Study.


C. What the profession offers  the professional?

 1.         Material or other wage

The monthly wage is the one that is forecasted by the legislation, depending on the place that possesses the worker. 

If someone works as free professional or has his own tuition center, there are different profits.

 2.         Prospects of work

Are forecasted good prospects of work for the profession, because of the need of knowing English language. 

Someone can apart from professor English and while she is graduate of English literature deal with translations, become interpreter, work in companies. There is the possibility for  this profession to be practiced in any city  the worker decides  to live.

 Alicia Grigoriou

 Anais Grigoriou




A.            Characteristics of the profession

    1.         Description of the object

 The object of his/her profession is the eye. In this profession, general medical knowledge is demanded. The responsibilities the professional faces, are all about the eye (injuries, etc). Another responsibility that one owlish has, is to stay up –to-date with his/her job, apart from the knowledge he/she most has. An eye –specialist most keeps up to date with the machinery concerning his job as they play a great role.

 2.         Circumstances and job environment

       The place   where an owlish works is indoors with good   lighting and   soundproof.  His /her schedule is stable (he/she does not work overtime) morning and afternoon. The things that owlish may be troubled with are diagnostic, difficulty of comprehension the patients’ problems, if they are punctual with their treatment etc.

Machines of the latest technology must be used. (computers, leaser, supersonics). Every now and then owlish communicate with other professionals of the some object, so that they can better practice their profession. Every day they come in touch with loads of people. This job is very hazardous in the light of different infectious diseases.  

 B. Requirements for the practice of the object

 1.         Special traits and qualifications – interests

 In this kind of business there is no age-limit. No physical qualities are demanded, but mental qualifications are.

 2.         Educational and other typical qualifications.

For this job, third –degree education and specialization are required. The use of a foreign language is necessary. Moreover, farther education or training is useful as well as a permission   to practice the profession.


C.  What this job gives to the employee

       1.         Rewards

There is no salary, no further rewards (bonus) when somebody works as a freelance nor other profits.

       2.         Professional prospect

Provides job offers in this object and in the future. The occupation is permanent. Anyone can practice this profession as a freelance.

Setting this job as a start no one can follow another direction just this one. The necessary qualifications can be used in some other occupation. Furthermore, somebody in this sector can be promoted or can “evolve”.

Someone interested can practice this job in the town he wants to live. Nobody can imagine what is the future going to be concerning this job, but everyone believes it has many prospects.


The interview made:

 Antonakaki Nadia

Grigoriou Alicia

Karounis Dimitris

Translation from Kostas Phillipakis


Graphic artist – Decorator



1.         Description of the profession

 Someone, who wants to become a decorator, has to take studies on Graphic design, Decoration Internal and Exterior Space, Photograph, Design, Free and Architectural Drawing. 

The responsibilities, that this professional has to have, are to be faithful in everything he does. Someone will be authentic with anything he makes. Anything must come from his inside. The customer must be satisfied from the offer of the product. The professional must be the same.

It doesn’t exist any method that is applied in this particular profession, but the professional is inspired by the customer he has facing. 

With regard to the tools that are used in this job, there is the computer for the Graphic design, but for the Decoration are used the paintbrushes, the paints,  a lot of materials, natural and not. There are used also the hands and anything else which is useful, according our opinion. 

The object of this work is addressed to anyone e.g. tradesmen, enterprises, marriages, christenings, shop windows, houses, coffee bars and generally to anyone who wants to make or to renew his space.

 2.         Conditions of the work

 The working places are internal and exterior, in houses, in offices even in the places where the customer has holidays, any where he calls us. The schedule of work is free for this professional. There are overtimes in this profession, but they aren’t paid if someone is free professional.  The problems that someone has in this particular profession are how the customer will be persuaded on something we believe is the best. This process demands a special tact. Such a work enters in the eye of criticism from each and each one can say something of your opinion.

Another element is, that someone must search continuously for new ideas.

The New Technologies are essential in this particular profession and mainly the PC.  With this use is easy to draw. Earlier all was become by the hand.

Via Internet also the works can be extend beyond the village or the city where the enterprise is situated.

The particular professional has communication with other professionals who she is often consulted, particularly more experienced persons.

The object of this work is such one, that it comes in contact with a lot of other professionals of different jobs.

It is not a dangerous work. 

Locomotion takes place very often, because of the place where the work will become and the materials to be bought.


B. PRESUPPOSITIONS for the PROFESSION to be practiced

1.         Particular characteristics and Faculties  – Interests

 This profession needs a lot of imagination. It should be existed talent in the painting too, "to touch your hands"!

Creativity, patience, good communication, practical brain, mirth and love in what you make needs this particular profession. 

Limit of age of entry in the profession and going out of this does not exist.

As long as you can and have resistances you can work. 

 Stress should not be existed for this particular profession. If you live with stress and fast rhythms you cannot output. Good quality of life Is required. Stress kills the profession.

      Someone can practice this profession in the place where he lives. Everywhere exists demand for this object. Someone has only to have patience.

The concrete professional for example left from Athens and she accomplished to survive in the province.

The people have put the aesthetics 

 (Design and decoration) for well in their life and it is good for this job. 

 2.         Educational and other formal qualifications

 For this particular work needs someone to take courses of graphic design via PC in order to use the New Technologies. The foreigner languages are not essential but it they are useful. Is not required particularly other knowledge but anything more knows someone is better for him/her. The particular professional uses all the parcel of knowledge that she has.

For the profession of graphic artist is demanded license to practice the profession. For the   decorator it isn’t. 

Knowledge of psychology, sociology and marketing is even useful.

Study in the Graphic design someone can do in TECHNICAL COLLEGES of Athens (Department of Graphics), where the study lasts eight half-year periods. This specialty exists also in the Professional Lyceum (Public and private) as well as in the IVT (Institutes of Vocational Training) (Public or Private). In Laboratories of Free Study too.

For Decorative someone can study in the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Artistic Study of TECHNICAL COLLEGE of Athens or in the Maximum Faculty of Good Arts. Also study can become in Professional Lyceums with acquisition of degree of level 2nd 3 and in IEK with diploma of professional training of level 3 +. The diploma of IEK should be recognized by the state. If study becomes in Centers of Free Study the diploma should be recognized by the state too.


 1. Material or other wage

 If the profession is practiced from a free professional, doesn’t exist constant monthly wage. For the particular shop, in Xylokastro, it is depending on the season and does not exist moreover wage.

In the other advantages we can include the free schedule. It is not a monotonous work at all, because of the communication with the customers and the different subject of each order.

  2.   Sectors of employment and prospects of job market

As graphic artist can somebody work in advertising companies, inventive offices, printing-houses, newspapers, magazines, laboratories of graphic arts, artistic laboratories, editorial houses, TV, technical offices. As a decorator can someone work as an executive in offices of studies and manufactures of decorative works, constructional and commercial companies, chains of commercial shops, television stations, in the publicity and generally in the space of spectacle.

     For the graphic artist the prospects of employment are very positive and are also positive the balance in the decoration. With regard to the particular object of the professional who gave the interview, there will be always offer of work at her opinion, when all the world will be wedded and  will make christenings or  will have need from change and color in his life. Such a work is naturally expensive, because it is concretely considered little as very luxury.

Good prospects exist also in these works, because of the new perception that dominates henceforth in the decoration and configuration of domestic and labor spaces.

 Interview from Antigoni Skiada




A. Elements that characterize the profession

 1.         Description of profession

 The object of his work is the natural education of students, young persons and generally all the persons. He can organize athletic events and school teams of various sports. He can also maintain his own gym. His profession is addressed in persons from five years old and above up to too much big age.

Somebody has the possibility to specialist in any object and in the particular gym take place KARATE, KICK BOXING, AEROBIC –STEP, PILATE,  POWER YOGA  and instruments.

The responsibility that someone has in this work is to be careful not to wound the practiced, as it happens with empiric trainers e.g. in the sport of karate, basket and football. It is a work that keeps you continuously in vigilance.


2.  Conditions of work


The schedule of work is from 10.00 up to 13.00 and from 15.00 up to 22.00.  

The conditions of work can be as good as difficult. It depends on the space where someone works. Many times is required also locomotion because of fighting action.

The working place of the particular professional is luminous, with clean air and health’s environment.

The problems that the particular professional meets, is because of the bad promotion of the means of mass communication and misinformation.

Many times he collaborates also with other professionals from Athens .

 B. Presuppositions for the practice of the profession

      1.  Particular characteristics and faculties  – interests

 A precondition for this work is to love that. The professional has to have good physique and health, to have also communication’s skills and the faculty to organize and to manage persons. 

2.   Educational and other formal qualifications.

Study in the Departments of Natural Education and Sports of Universities of Athens, Aristotelian Thessalonica and its branch of Serres, of Thessaly , Thrace.

    In Greece and abroad can take place also postgraduate studies.

 C. What the profession offers the professional? 

 1. Material or other wage

 Does not exist monthly wage, if somebody works in the private sector. 

If someone is gym- teacher in school it is remunerated with the wage of public employee.

 2. Prospects of  the work

 Does not exist very good prospects for gym employees. If the new gym masters or mistresses don’t take any postgraduate studies and don’t have any specialty they are in the danger to be unemployed.

The knowledge of Gym can be used also in training.

This profession can somebody practice in any city he decides to live.

Another positive of this work is to be in continuous contact with a lot of world.

 Alisia Grigoriou

Dimitris Karounis  




 1. Description of Profession

The lawyer represents each citizen who has need, in the courts, because he knows the legislation for working, penal and other subjects.

He has big responsibility for the right representation of his customer and he should allocate morals, consequence and honesty.

He should be informed continuously in order to do better his work, because the laws change continuously.

Each lawyer and for each affair follows different methodology. 

He uses in his office PC with which he writes more fast and clearly, he stores his work  etc.

 2. Conditions of the Work

The environment where he works varies and it can be the place of courts up to his office or other spaces that should he meet his customer. 

The schedule of his work is impossible to be constant.

The problems that he meets in his work are mainly the big competition, because of the big number of lawyers. 

Very often he collaborates with other professionals of also other specialties.

He comes in contact with a lot of world and he makes a lot of locomotion, mainly when he has to go to the courts.

He runs through danger in this work, when the affairs that he undertakes are difficult.


 1.  Specific Characteristics, Faculties and Interests

 In order to become someone a lawyer he should have a good reason to do that and love to his work. It should allocate good bodily and mental health.

The general education, the knowledge of art, the love in the literature, the knowledge of psychology and the long life education are essential elements for the configuration of completed personality that is required in the lawyer.

There is limit of age in order to enter someone into the profession it is the maximum 35 years. He has to take license to practice the profession.

 2.   Educational and other formal Qualifications

There are required four years for acquisition of degree and 1,5 years of exercise near to some lawyer in order to take  examinations the candidate lawyer and after he achieves he will be written in the registrations of Lawyer's Association of his region.

In order to open his own office, he would do better to have enough practice in an other experienced lawyer.

Useful is for the lawyer to know one or more foreigner languages.



 1. Material  wage

The lawyer – free professional does not have monthly wage or benefits. The wage for each affair is determined by the Lawyer’s Association and is satisfactory.

 2.  Prospects of the Work

 The employment can be permanent in this work, by the significance that it is a constant work. Very often the profession is practiced from free professionals. Someone can however become Judiciary with studies in the National Faculty of Judges or Notary after he has previously practiced the Bar and then he has to participate in competition that announces the Ministry of Justice. He can also follow Academic career. He has first to acquire Doctoral title. He can also include himself in the Diplomatic Body after successful import and course in the relative Faculty. Finally he can have access in services and committees of State, in the Faculty of Public Administration, in Legal Persons of Public Right, in Organisms of Local Self-government, in independent administrative beginnings etc. He can specialize himself in some object, acquiring a corresponding master.

Generally the future of professional lawyer is erased ominous. There will be taken measures from the Lawyer's Association of Athens, to become the conditions of entry in the profession stricter, in order this difficult situation to be inverted.

  Athanasia Dekleri

 Vlassia Michalopoulou  



 HAIR DRESSER                                 

A.     Things that characterize the job

1. Profession’s description

The object of this job is cutting and making hair of all sexes (men’s, women’s, children’s). The hairdressers can be specialized in the hair’s cutting, making and coloring techniques. There is great responsibility at the technical works. The employee must be polite and patience with the clients and also very careful so as not to make mistakes and always please the clients. An employee must be organized, polite and he has to have the right technique for the best results. He uses seizers, brushes, rollers, cutting machines, shampoos, lacks etc.

2.   Conditions and working environment

The environment is indoors with clear light, clean etc.

The time table is not always the same and sometimes employees may work overtime. Finally the salary is up to the employer. Sometimes there are clients who have too many requests but all of the employees have to deal them politely. As a result, they and exhausted. Sometimes in big hair dressers modern technology is used to write down the clients and their appointments. There is also a hair dressers’ association where employees communicate with other colleagues to do their job more efficiently. Generally, when somebody does this job he meets a lot of the people, although the job is not dangerous at all. In rarely conditions the employee has to move to another place to do this job.

 B.       Conditions for the job

1. Special characteristics and abilities-interests

Creativity, artistic talent and fantasy are needed in this job. Moreover usually the maximum age for this job is 40 years old. Employees need a certificate from a hair dresser’s college and they have to attend seminars while working. Finally, stamina and good health are necessary for the job.

2.         Educational and other typical accomplishments

For this job somebody has to finish a college with specialize in hair dressing. Also, one at least foreign language, chemistry, psychology and design knowledge is necessary. Finally, to do this job somebody has to have a license.

 C.     Things that the job offers to the employee

1. Material or other rewards

 The employees have a basic salary and also extra payments such as tips. Unfortunately there are no more advantages except the typical reward.

         2. Job’s perspectives

Generally, this job has a future and the work is not a temporary one if the employees have the trust of their clients. Also, somebody may do this job as a free professional. Therefore with this profession as a start somebody can also become a professor at a hair dressing college. There is also a possibility of promotion and evolution at this profession. Finally, somebody can do this job in every city he wants and there is a future despite the fact that there are many people doing this job.


Taken by Anastasia Skandali

Translation by Anais Grigoriou  

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