Our team with nicknames

Σοφία Σμυρνή ( Sophia Smyrni)


I am the leader of the team. I am a teacher of Chemistry, but now I am a counselor of career. My occupation is about career development.

I am 50 years old, married with two daughters. The older study psychology and the younger is a pupil of High Secondary School .

I like very much to read books, to take care of my flowers, but I havenít enough time to do that. I spend a lot of time in my job.  I like also to do journeys.

My favorite flower is menexous/violet

  Μάνθος Θεωδορόπουλος. ( Manthos Theodoropoulos)

My name is Mathew and Iím 13 years old. In my free time I often play basketball, football and billiard. I have one brother whoís name is Billy and one sister whoís name is Ioanna. My nickname is black tulip. My favorite singer is Eminem. I like airguns.

  Αναΐς Γρηγορίου ( Anais Grigoriou)

My name is Anais and Iím 15 years old.

 I live in Xylokastro, a small town near the sea which is full of tourists in summer.

I live in Greece which is a wonderful countryÖ

I play volleyball, tennis, karate and I also play the piano. In my tree time, I like surfing in the Internet and listening to musicÖ

I have two smaller sisters and when I go out, I like hanging out with my friends.

My favorite flower is the orchidÖ.

  Δημήτρης Καρούνης ( Dimitris Karounis)

My name is Dimitris and Iím fourteen years old.

I have a sister who is six years elder than me. I have also a very cute dog, which I love very much. His name is Franko!!

In my free time I like listening to music, watching TV and go to the cinema.

My favorite band is erreway! My favorite flower is white rose.

 My favorite TV program is Rebelde Way .


  Μαρία Βαντεάνου ( Maria Vandeanou)


My name is Mary and Iím 16 years old. My hobbies are the music, dance and sports.

I have got an older brother. I want to finish the school and then I want to become a hair dresser.

My favorite flower is hyacinthine.

  Αναστασία Σκανδάλη ( Anastasia Skandali)


My name is Anastasia. Iím 13 years old and I was born in Athens . Iím a student of 2nd Gymnasium of Xylokastro. Iím in the second class. I have got one sister. She is 10 years old.

I love animals and Iíve  got two dogs and rabbits. At  the weekends, I go volleyball. I also like going shopping or to the cinema with my friends. My hobbies are dancing and listening to the music.

  Αντιγόνη Σκιαδά ( Antigoni Skiada)


Hello! My name is Antigoni and I am 14 years old. I have a younger brother who is 10 years old. My hobby is listening to music and to learn the news about music.

I want to study nursery Ėschool teacher or something about this. I hope I will do it!! My favorite flowers are roses. Bye!


 Αθανασία Δεκλερή ( Athanasia Dekleri)

My name is Athanasia. Iím 15.5 years old and I have one younger brother.

Iíd like to spare my free time with my computer and my farm, ..especially with my farm.

Some of my characteristics are: First of all I prefer to listen to the others and after this to say my opinion.

I want also to finish anything I start doing. My dream is to be a police woman or a firewoman. I love all the kinds of animals and especially the horses.

My favorite flower is carnation.

  Βασίλης Θεοδωρόπουλος ( Vassilis Theodoropoulos)


My name is Bill. I have one brother and one sister. My brother named Mathew and we are twines and my sisterís name is Ioanna. I like rock and rap music. My favorite hobbies are swimming and basketball. My favorite tribgies are  Lord of the rings and star wars. I have six cats and one dog.


 Κώστας Αλεξάκης  ( Kostas Alexakis)

My name is Konstantinos ( Kon). In my free time I listen to the music and do sports.

When Iíll grow up I want to be a professional DJ.

My favorite sing is 2pac.

 My favorite movie is exit woods with DMX.

My nickname is weed


 Ελισάβετ Νιώρα (Elisabeth Niora)

My name is Elisabeth. Iím 17 years old and I have 10 brothers/sisters. My hobbies are playing volleyball and basketball and I have done swimming lessons, but for a little. Iíd like to listen to Greek music first of all and then other languageís music. From Greek songs I like most Ploutarchosí songs. My dream is to become a pilot  of airplane ( as we say in Greece , Icarus Ė air cadet).

My favorite flower is hydrangea.

Σοφία Ματσούκα ( Sophia Matsouka)

Hi! Iím Sophie - Katherine Matsouka! My nickname is Edelvais. Iím thirteen years old. Iím from Xylokastro, Corinth Greece .
Xylokastro is a beautiful place in Peloponnesos.

I love music. I listen classic music. Mozart and  Vivaldi. I love all the kinds of music. I have lessons in keyboards.

I want to be an actress or stylist.

I like to travel and want to go to Italy , Argentina , USA to see the statue of liberty, Mexico and United Kingdom . I want meet boys and girls with different culture.

  Αλίσια Γρηγορίου ( Alisia Grigoriou)

My name is Alicia and Ií m 14 years old. Ií in the second year of junior high school.

I live in Xylokastro, a seaside town. I have two sisters. The one is younger than me and the other is older than me. I like rock and pop music. My favourite groups are Offsoring, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Erre Way , Green Day etc. and my favourites singers are Avril Lavigne and Bon Jovi. I also like surfing the Net and spend too much time searching for various things such as video clips, school information etc. I have got lots of hobbies. I play the piano and I have lessons of modern dance. I also like sorts such as tennis and volleyball and I practice them twice a week.

  Βλασία Μιχαλοπούλου ( Vlassia Mihalopoulou)

My name is Vlassia. Iím 15 years old. My best friend is Fay, my hobbies are to play volleyball and football, my favourite subject is geography because I learn many things  for the world. In my free time I listen to pop music and I go for a walk with my friends. When grow up I want to be a journalist, because I love to travel around the world and learn about the thins that are happening in each place!!

  Νάντια Αντωνακάκη ( Nandia Antonakaki)

Hi, my name is Nantia Antonakaki and Iím 14 years old. I have a sister called Melina and I live in Xylokastro, in Greece . I love listening to music and my favourite bands are Blindside, Sum 41, Simple plan, Blink 182, Green Day, H.I.M., Linkin Park , Red Hot Chili Peppers and many other punk Ėrock bands. I also listen Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson. My hobbies are volleyball and swimming. I also go cycling in summer.



The search for the fotos of flowers, through Internet, has made Nandia Antonakaki  

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