Interviews from the owners of old businesses of Xylokastro


This bisiness started in 1905 and it is one of the ten older shops in Xylokastro. The bisiness was as it is now for the kind but the place has been changed many times. The tools which were used are pairs of scissors, hammers and other tools which are like these. Before years the money was collected calculable, by cheque and by credit for local people if  it was needed. The work that they done years ago and nowadays is Hydraulics and window panes.Nowadays owner’s father was a tinman    and the owner is plumber but he also is occupied with other works of the bisiness. The owner work 8 hours a day as he told us. The customers are more then before years because of as that time there were only farmers but now there are also touristes. Last 40 years the bisiness hasn’t changed. Before years nowadays owner’s father wore a uniform something that nowadays owner doesn’t do. The bisiness is secured in TEBE ( Fund of Greek Tradesmen and Craftsmen)  since it came into existence. The bisiness before was more profitable because the expenses were less but there are also pitchings. This bisiness ended in nowadays owner from grandfather to the son and from him to his son. The owner told us that he wants to keep this bisiness which has changed and it has developed since it belongs to this owner. The local customers hasn’t changed but the touristes always wanted something else…













Here it is written:


House been founded in 1907.

Kon. Koukoumelis

Hydraulic Shop

In Xylokastro



Geor.  Aggelopoulos, Stinis



This is a trade postcard

Here we can see the dispatch’s circular seal ( 20. 2.38) and two stamps. They are part of memorial edition of the heir Paul’s wedding.


      Antigoni Skiada

Anastasia Skandali


The shop was made by dust combined with water and windows were used for show-cases. Also the shoes were hand-made and some of them were from other cities. The shop at 1925 and old machines were used. The people didn’t have enough money so the used to trade shoes with other products and those years the shops were working every day and Sunday after the church. There were many clients because there were not enough shops. Summer was the best season because of a camp but Christmas and Easter had profits too. The employees did not have to wear a special uniform and the business was well-known and going very well. The owner got the business from his father and made some changes like replacing windows with show-cases. The clients today expect more as there are many types of shoes. At 1925 the owner was working alone but after 1940 he was ordering the shoes ready. Also since 1941 to 1944 the business was not working because of the war with the Germans. Finally, there are no old papers since then.





Interview by

  Vassilis Theodoropoulos

Dimitris Karounis

Anastasia Skandali  

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