Interviews from the owners of innovative businesses

1. Artistic office ( promotions - shows)

The business is owned by mrs. F.N. and E.G. It is an atomic business. It was established 2 years ago by young professionals. It’s object is organizing and publicizing. It is an artistic office which answers to the requests of our area and gives a hole packet of services and materials which gives us more time and better results. In this business 2 women are occupied except times that there is a lot of work and other people are needed too. 

The lack of this particular business was a benefit and the main reason for creating the business. The money were found by a subsidy to young businessmen and it was a great help  to already owning the building. The business is planed and established by the owners which  have the necessary qualifications. Their studies are decoration, graphic art, marketing, publicity and economics. The business is growing by the owners’ work, by social contacts, patience and always being in fashion. Also there is no competition and new technologies are used. The new thing on this business is that the owners have the responsibility for the whole packet of marriage or baptism. The only danger for this business is that there will be more ones in the future and too much competition. Also the culture and the customs of the area are always affecting the work. The people occupied are graphic artists, decorators and florists. The secret for this business is to be nice and have beauty ness and uniqueness. The planning of a ceremony is done by first knowing the client and his character so as for them to like the results. It has many profits but not too many as the most people go to Athens for organizing their ceremonies believing they will find a better result. The owners also claim that a business like theirs is thought to be a luxury one. Among the employees there are always some arguments from the beauty part but the owners must not sell their names but their work and they always have to persuade clients for a “test-drive”. Finally they have to promote their business by some kind of publicity as the main problem that their business is not well-known is that it is not on the road but in the first level of a building, without a big show-case. The owners say goodbye with their phrase “because every touch it’s a chance for creation”

Interview by

Antigoni Skiada

Anastasia Skandali

Translation by Anais Grigoriou


 2. Flats management

The enterprise belongs to Mrs H. M. and it’s type is benefit personnel at flats. The enterprise start 3, 5 years ago and it is profitable. In the enterprise are occupied 4 people, the owner, 2 people in the garage and 1 in the office. The percentage of the women in the enterprise is 100%. The owner is satisfied of her work because it’s profitable and it has prospects. The enterprise is addressed to the owners of different flats. It doesn’t need any special education to be occupied in this profession and the schedule isn’t determined. The owner is satisfied with the incomes and the expenses.


Interview by Alicia Grigoriou, Nadia Antonakaki and Manthos Theodoropoulos

Translation by Nadia Antonakaki

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